Month: January 2013

How often do we permit ourselves that time that we truly need to wrap ourselves around this journey we often mislabel as life? Our time on this planet is temporary, but our ability to leave something lasting; something eternal that precedes our time here is often lost on many of us. During this journey of […]

When life ceases to make sense and routines threaten to drive a wedge between me and sanity, there are few courses of action. When I was young, the frustrations of what I felt was out of my realm of control would often lead to tears of frustration and anger. As an adult, I’ve learned to […]

Originally posted on Shun P.'s interactions with Mother Nature:
The world that we live in is toxic at best. In order to have any semblance of sanity is to develop some type of mechanism to cleanse ourselves from that which which wear away at the very core of who we are.  Years ago I…

Life is toxic, sometimes you have to get away from the daily routine… And people, for the purpose of allowing yourself space to think, to truly flesh out the things that are unfolding around you.   I’ve had a fixation on my parents as of late, in that I realize that they were right about […]