Month: January 2014

The cost of not doing what you love is…

Pride and humility have been two elements that have had a tenuous a tug-of-war battle of sorts in my life. Strangely enough, they have experienced difficulty with their co-existence, much to my dismay. In my life I have had a heavy servings of pride, but not unlike a child with a mandate to eat his […]

I woke up this morning and grumbled as my eyes adjusted to the light flowing in through the window. I let out a supersonic groan of sorts, noticing that it was snowing lead to me covering my head with the blanket. It was apparent that my hate/hate relationship with snow would continue in earnest. I […]

I have been the recipient of many awards and accolades during my time on the Planet Earth, but there is nothing that I hold in higher esteem than someone harboring a belief that I am a “good” writer, knowing that something that I pounded out on my laptop has either empowered, elicited a chuckle or […]