Month: January 2014

The concept of the perfect parent in the mold of Donna Reed or the sage wisdom of Cliff Huxtable is a sad fallacy that many, if not all people who hold the title of parent can never hope to achieve. It has been a contention of mine over the years, especially in lieu of time […]

I have always harbored a fascination for American politics, an interest which borders on passion. As a child I was fixated on the accomplishments of the Presidential administrations, by the time that I was 7 years old I was able to name all of the Presidents in their order of succession, the biggest accomplishment during […]

For every period of our life we are governed by a mantra of sorts, that proverbial soundtrack that we inexplicably march to, it is that indescribable feeling that implores us to plunge ahead regardless of the obstacles that may obfuscate our vision. The mantra for this period of my life has been “that a cheering […]

There has been a host of consistent interactions throughout my time on this planet. As of late it would seem that the eternal staring match that has ensued between me and the contemporary form “papyrus” has been something that I have been unable to dispense myself of. Whether it has been in the form of […]

I stopped what I understood to be a foolish concept of making resolutions at the start of a New Year a long time ago. I exchanged this for a commitment to resolve to build upon what I learned during the confines of each day and carry that into the next. Growth and maturity walks in […]