Month: March 2014

There are a host of thoughts rushing through my mind at the time of this writing. Perhaps, I am writing as an acknowledgement of the apprehension I harbor at confronting the specter of doubt that periodically haunts me, but it would be foolhardy for me to ignore its presence. As I comb through a litany […]

I’m trying… To live life, rather than life living me. I’m trying… To stay sane in the midst of the torrential clatter, chatter pitter, patter… The rain and thunder of insanity. I’m trying… To insulate inoculate and envelope, myself in a place… Fortified, encased… In a realm assured that I remain impervious… But, humbly open […]

What are friends. If they don’t inspire you? If they don’t reflect back what was freely given Without an expectation of a ROI. Friends are always there, their presence not predicated on when they need something, as they callously sling The painful darts of… Let me, gimme, I need, can you? As these words Cut […]