Month: April 2014

Do we really know who we are?

What can I say or give to you on your birthday? Would the typical platitudes of shouting Happy Birthday in concert with a balloon drop suffice? I’m inclined to think that it will not. I wanted to give you something of substance, provided that you are open to accept it. I want to speak truth […]

My siblings routinely accuse me of remembering everything, regardless of how inconsequential the event or circumstance, I seem to retain it. I’m not sure how much truth their accusations hold, but I must admit that find myself stuck in a perpetual time warp of sorts on a pretty regular basis, drowning in the depths of […]

Life gives the contrast for appreciation, often it just requires being still, engaged in active listening. Being willing to accept what is given, regardless if it is what we want at the time. Being loyal to yourself is a concept that constantly gets lost in the realm of the esoteric. Sadly, like many of the […]