Month: May 2014

Getting in the ring isn’t hard.

I heard, my heart sank. A tear formed. I sighed deeply. I never met you, but my heart said otherwise in lieu of your residence inside. I could not disguise the selfishness, my human nature of mourning your passing instead of celebrating your transition to a higher administration. You haven’t left You’ve merely progressed from […]

Admittedly, I was moved by the announcement of Maya Angelou’s homecoming this morning. My eyes welled up with tears as I sat in stunned silence, temporarily dropping out of my corporate environment into a sullen, murky place. My initial response of being forlorn at the realization that a voice had been silenced forever, gave way […]

There are a number of things that I aspire to stay away from. Some of those things being red meat, poultry, religion (conversationally), comment boards and the arguments that they spawn in the blogosphere. I was on my little used Twitter account at the height of the Michael Sam kissing hullabaloo a couple weeks ago […]