Month: March 2015

Momma, Daddy… Nothing is wrong, but the spirit moved me to say. Thank you… For what? For everything… Often, I wake up in the morning and instead of seeing myself in the mirror, I see the both of you and I am inspired. In retrospect I did notice, but I marveled as you both stood […]

Surging tempests of melancholy. Manifested as foil and folly obstacles to conquest. Seeming to suggest. Acquiescence to malfeasance abandonment of invocation as the echoes reverberate shaking foundations of the spirit. As the etheral war of the entities “can” versus “can’t” rages on as they cavil… Adjudication of nothing other than a stark refusal of relinquishing- […]

Teaching has to be one of the most under-appreciated professions. On the other side of the coin you have politicians serving in the U.S Congress collecting 6 figure salaries for doing a negligible amount of work. It would seem that their essential focus is oriented towards raising money, consolidating their power and staying in office. […]

There was this perch that you sat on. Like all of the women in our family you gave off an aura that reeked of authority… of divinity even and although aspired to, I couldn’t reach it. You were astute in speaking truth when it needed to be told and I often stood in awe of how […]

“What I do for a living is not what I’m supposed to with my life.” These were the words that dripped from my lips before I took this picture in the waning days of summer. It wasn’t long after that I adopted this as my mantra. It is been nearly 10 years since my serial […]

In a world where the foundation is skewed towards the slow erosion of our humanity in exchange for likes and shares. I find that I have grown jaded, much to my dismay. Endeavoring to be consequential is met with a proverbial rolling of the eyes. Where admitting that you are a flawed, malleable, yet functioning […]

Nowadays any mention of an actual dialogue with the Almighty can elicit whispers that… You’re “batshit” crazy. Now, I don’t profess to have a back and forth dialogue with God, where I receive a response from the heavens with the requisite booming voice. But – On the contrary, my divine intervention comes through loud and […]