The ties that bind – The Square

A square is more than a rectangle that is comprised of four sides of equal length, it is more than second power of quantity, that being said I’m inclined to believe that it is something more consequential.

The area where I grew up on the Northwest side of Chicago was tucked into a pocket of the West Town neighborhood, accordingly we referred to our piece of real estate the Square.


The Square is part and parcel of who I am, it would be impossible to separate it from my person, even if I wanted to.

There was a full complement of people that made up the tapestry of the Square and in retrospect it was beautiful, because decades later the bonds that we forged in our youth have hardened into something that is unfathomable to many and many cases, unbreakable.

How many people can honestly say that they’ve maintained a friendship with the host of people that they came of age with from their neighborhood? If you can’t pick up the phone and rehash an event from that time when you were all 5 or 6 years old and have a number of people vouch for the veracity of the event, then I’m inclined to say that you are missing something that is nothing short of powerful.

In the coming weeks I will be reflecting on some of the pivotal lessons that I’ve procured from the hundreds of people who have contributed to the layers of my being.

It is my hope that the adoration, the appreciation that I hold for the Square -those members of my extended family will be undeniable.


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