Month: May 2015

I’ve mentioned it tongue-in-cheek on occasion, but sometimes I wonder if there is any substance to my putting it out into the Universe. “If it weren’t for the solace of my excursions, my serial flings with Mother Nature that I’d be batshit crazy, fashionably modeling a strait jacket.” I don’t think it is accidental that I […]

As I sat here this afternoon doing battle with the flies that seemed to be hell bent on finding an entrance into my head via my ears. And… I waited for peace to smother me in its embrace. I often ruminate on how I got to this point, and I have to admit that I’ve […]

Naiveté vice, strength and weakness.   Affording sustenance to the cruel illusion of could, can, will.   Aspirational notions push past – hollow enunciations of practicality in conflict with reality.   Ambrosial lies of supremacy obscure common ground as haughty inebriation propels the assembled towards the cathedra – to be seated – as wanton blindness […]

Momma, I am a writer, but I am not ashamed to bow to the impossibility of encompassing your stature within the feeble confines of words. I considered succumbing to the shadow of failure, before realizing that when it comes to you that… Words are wholly inconsequential. I look at you and see the immutable power of love, […]

As I sat here and pondered, I came to terms with something that I’ve often swept under the proverbial rug; my complicity in sabotaging my own success. Getting out of my own way, is like communism, in that it only works in theory. Who wants to admit that they are their own worst enemy? Coming […]

Much of who I am had its beginnings in your bosom. I came of age under your tutelage, experiencing victories and defeats alike. I hear your inflections in my voice when I speak. I compare your siblings to you and none of them measures up to you. My experiences inform my steps as I claim […]