Month: August 2015

The polysemy of life is overwhelming, but at the very least it is consistently, inconsistent. Our attempts at conquest… The concept that we can tame that which we don’t truly understand is haughtiness at its best. Time is an example. We wear watches, mount clocks and we even have it emblazoned on our smartphones. Ostensibly […]

I’d be remiss not to give a shout out to Visionariekind, the writer previously known as Kneal1 who tapped me with this honor/nomination. She described my blog as a “breath of fresh air” which is in direct contrast to my stationary opinion of my website/blog, I don’t have the largest following nor do people plaster […]

Our foundations are often shaken as testament and reminder that we have no control other than the adoration we tender to whom that “control” emits. I will not cry out in agony, instead I will cry out to the Almighty. Asking… In humility. Creator, Father, Mother, Divine Omnipotence, Lord. Not for an escape, but for […]

Inebriated, stumbling about. Infused with… The greatest intoxicant. Naiveté. Leaving you numb. Words ring hollow and fall flat. As tears impair my vision Incisions cut extracting a cost. Losses mount. Taken too soon, polarities flip leaving those who remain in the tomb.

The pocket neighborhood on the Northwest side of Chicago where I grew up and forged bonds that I will have the rest of my life has defined me. Me and my counterparts affectionately refer to the neighborhood as the “Square” and it is where my heart and some of my greatest affinities lie. The people […]

Looking up. Harkening back. Not unlike times past. Into the gaze of wisdom. Once in a Blue Moon omnipotence provides a glimpse of illumination.