My declaration to death

Death... You have come into my orbit more than I would like, but I feel compelled to advise you of the not-so obvious. I don't cry because you've won. I don't cower in the shadow of your perceived power. On the contrary. I cry... I stand weary and burdened because of my selfishness. I say …

We’re not getting out – An epiphany

I've alluded to it before. Of my faults, shortcomings and contradictions I can say definitely that naiveté might be the most dangerous flaw of the lot. I mentioned in a previous piece about the need for us to float in the sea of our contradictions to ensure that we don't drown beneath the depths. A …

Defeat versus Victory

Blank stare... Hands in air living life tantamount to a dare unnerving and disturbing is the clash of tectonic plates that is Love versus hate hope against despair - frustration builds optimism wanes. Ostensibly situations remain unchanged. Regardless of paths lain yet to be crossed. While radiating grace envelopes.. God whispers, no shouts leaving doubts …

Walking away from it, to get towards it – An epiphany

Being enamored of the view from above is a double edged sword, but I can't let the beauty of the vantage point, work in concert with fear to immobilize and prevent me from making the foray into the valley, where the treasures are stored.

If it isn’t heavy, it should be

If it weren't for the scourge of short memories and wanton impatience, we would remember that... Our faith should always be heavier than our burdens, so that which casts shadows in our path  can be supplanted with the glory that is stored up for us.