Month: October 2015

I found myself burdened today. Bewildered with a heavy realization. That. To gain stature, one must eat, knowing that procuring nourishment is not an optional endeavor. There is always an open seat at the table of humility, but the shadows of haughtiness and ego are prone to obscuring our line of sight. Today was a […]

Sometimes we have to wage wars to procure a measure of peace. But… The nemesis, is often ourselves. Thusly, the battle isn’t waged. And… Peace escapes, unrealized, again.

As I stood here engrossed in thought, wondering. If I aspire to see God’s face. Knowing that this fixation will ensure that I remain unencumbered, by that which would serve to distract me from my freedom. That being said, why is this endeavor wraught with so much difficulty? The distractions of my journey have the […]

The scariest thing isn’t conspiracies, monsters, principalities and the like. But, it is something far more sinister. It is those who sit, blissfully, behind walls of fortified ignorance, convinced that they have it all figured out. In all of their omnipotence, they are still too selfish to share the enlightenment with the rest of us. […]

Clarity comes in waves, often we face it with mouths wide open and our minds sealed shut. Experiencing loss is that proverbial shake that serves to remind us that the time we have is loaned. I’ve come to a realization, albeit kicking and screaming. Knowing that I have sold myself short more times that I […]