Month: November 2015

Using words like clubs. as the tongue pierces – the body politic like slugs.     Collateral damage – carpet bombing using words as explosive charges – barrages that explode those fuselages of the mind.     The unworthy wander blithely – Aspiring to be refined.     Taking God’s time – as ours is […]

History is a bad word, because history is ugly. Preferring to sanitize or ignore it, is tantamount to self-hatred. But. Sadly we express dismay when we repeat our misteps. If only history were beautiful and serene… Strangely enough, if we were to procure the lessons to be had from history, that in itself would be […]

Arid plains reek of desolation as winds of life waft an acrid stench of heartbroken failure tinged with insignificance, encumbered by cognizance of opportunities lost – those words, actions cut like swords that imprison like a Bastille. Someone said – I’m having a horrible life… No retort for staying the course – as the silence […]

Pain begets creativity and creativity pain the cyclical nature essentially the same. Domiciled in perpetuity where a modicum of calm abides in a tempest of tumult – that eye of the hurricane.

The most powerful thing about friendship is the perspective that it affords us in realizing that old adage of: “See your friends, see yourself”. The dynamics of friendship is something littered through much of my writing. It has always been a tightly held contention of mine that friendship is one of the elemental forces that […]