Month: January 2016

“… just say you don’t care. That is easier to respect…”

Longing for that which had risen to take possession in the skies of consciousness bathing the countenance – in unrequited radiance only to set on what was beget blissfully deaf to the grevious cries of why? Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

That moment when sunshine taps you on the shoulder and the warmth radiates throughout your body – letting you know that all things do work together for good. I looked up, inhaling deeply feeling compelled to pause as I allowed myself to be engulfed with a cavalcade of emotions, recollections and it was at this […]

Haughtiness is a poison – fueling those lies spoken in place of echoing truth. Proclaiming that “I will get out of here alive” rather than procuring a teachable moment from what we cower in fear of. Death. That entity – consistent, patient and merciless in accomplishing its stated goal. Be like Death in taking versus […]

Sleep is a metaphor that walks in tandem with death. Each day we die – only to awake, resurrected to new opportunities. That being said, living life with our eyes open is essential – it is epitome of living. While naiveté is the cold grip, the finality of death. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights […]

I sat in the corner and surveyed the room, bearing witness to it erupting with an energy that alternated between equal parts adoration and torrential bursts of laughter, the smile that stretched across my face could have served as its own heat source. It was obvious that the people in this room had an affinity […]