Month: March 2016

Trip, stumble, fall languishing through it all but – I call on your beneficent omnipotence. Lord… I am not unlike a flower – desirous of the rays – that irradiation of your grace. Searching dutifully for your face. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

Yesterday, I toured the Capitol with several family members from out of town. Despite my being a stone’s throw away from it the history that I often find myself awash in never gets boring. However, I could not have predicted how the day would unfold. Standing in the center of the Capitol dome. Instead of […]

The greatest lessons procured are out of the ashes of humility. I am thankful for situations conceived in the confines of pain and disaffection that become instructive – as it is our trials and tribulations that peel away the proverbial layers of the onion. My recalcitrance has been worn away by the corrosive properties of […]

A couple weeks ago I wrote about an incident at the University that my son attends. A quick recap – A couple months ago. Some students saw fit to drape a “confederate” flag on the outside of the door in the dormitory, claiming that it was an entreaty to the student population to engage them in […]

Indescribable likened to failure. Impossibilities abound as reality harkens all things to all people knowing but denying that all ugliness of this world endeavors to obfuscate the light. Never enunciating or laying claim to the spirit of abdication declaring “The whole world is against you, why bother?” while piercing screams echo with forceful reminders That […]

The scavengers often masquerade as orchestrators at the top of the food chain. They flex muscles in an illusory posturing of power that is not at their disposal. Except in the confines of the imagination of those that they malign. Their power is merely that which is abdicated by us. Rise up and take back […]

In world where narratives that would endeavor to spoil the milk of human kindness seem to run rampant. Where a candidate for the highest office in the land can spew invective and procure a large following of people who hold up those words up as the proverbial gospel. Where young people in an institution of […]