From melancholy to melodies

When that

melody is lost.

It seems as

if I cry

all the time –

in bed

in cars

in parks

in buildings

the rooms within

my heart are dark

missing you

wrestling mightily

at night

awaiting for sleep

that does not come

as my sorrows

serve as a tomb

the dead of silence

summarily interrupted

unmelodiously tapping

tears hitting the floor

light creeping in

under the door –

calling out

muffled shouts

leave no echo

no answer portended.

pangs of loneliness

fueled by

notions of nothingness

karma calls

extracting the price

while I protest

it isn’t right

claiming victim

when truth revels

in the light

of affliction

being the author

of the pain

which darkens

my countenance

driving me

down a long road

to a destination

of insanity –

torturous blows

to ego serve

as gravitational elements

of humility

in that darkness

lies the revelatory

denied to haughty eyes

that despised

the nectar oozing

from ethereal plains

incalculable changes



the fires of contradictions

acquiesce to an extinction

earned as the fire

burns hotter

begging me

to step through

in a rite of purification.

But –

as the echoes

of my muffled shouts

providentially echo back

to that light

under the door

that illumination

was grace

compelling me

to the floor

to get low

in acknowledgement

from whence it flows.

Baptized by tears

laying claim

to greater destination

serving a God

mightier than

the facade of melancholy

tendering the

that prized possession

the offer –

of my faith

which harkens to

a sweeter melody.


Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

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