Losing our humanity

When ignorance is left to its own devices, it seldom remains benign, as it is always prone to metastasize into a far uglier byproduct.


Is one of those byproducts.

It is a foe that I have done battle with throughout my life – and we have always fought to a stalemate.

I want it to suffer an agonizing death, but I know that would be too much like right.

In a world where decorum and respect for those who we should share a common purpose – is met with the knives of indifference and vitriol, it seems as if we are at a point of no return.

Being at the precipice of our humanity being discarded as a contrivance is a scary place.

This cold reality walks in concert with the dismissiveness that history is accorded.

One of the topics of the day at the time of this writing is the removal of Confederate monuments around the United States.

As a student of history, I am full throated in my support of evangelizing history, but there is a difference between respecting history and the veneration of those who stood in opposition of acknowledging the humanity of their fellow man, but that is a topic for another piece.

Racism in real time

Earlier this week my cousin reached out to me regarding an incident on social media – where a member of a group that she was part of used imagery that referenced a simulated act of terrorism utilized by one of the oldest terrorist groups in American history.

My cousin’s attempt to point out the historical constructs of the organization, the death and evil that it represents as being devoid of redemption via humor were unsuccessful.

Rather than enlightening the woman and those who took joy in this image, it placed her on the receiving end of a number of threats, she ended up having to block her E-assailant’s.

It turns out that the person who posted the meme – serves in the capacity of a counselor for a non-profit organization.

Subsequent outreach to the organization by myself and several people about this employee – resulted a proverbial head shrug/form email that equated to:

“this doesn’t represent our organization, we embrace diversity… And by the way, we have nothing to do with them after hours…

This is a typical Now go away type of response…

Which leads me to wonder.

The woman who serves in a capacity of counselor within this organization.

What does this say about her values?

What she is imparting to those in her care?

And more importantly – what about her empathy?

How can you counsel someone if you find humor in the sordid legacy of lynching – because you are using inanimate objects as proxies for the tortured souls lost.

Does that make it harmless?

I’m inclined to say that it doesn’t.

What does it say about an organization that merely pays lip service and turns a blind eye to the actions of a person who is tasked with pushing their agenda forward?

Silence is complicity.

I used to know that humanity was better than this…

Now, I’m not so sure.

If empathy is optional.

If our humanity is expendable.

If our souls are for sale, then what are we here for?

Are we even worthy of our humanity?

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