Who I is?

Is who I is dismay you

jade and


making you feel some type of wayish?

I could care less –

I spit shit

while my eloquence

is minimized

and humanity

subsequently euthanized.

You look in

my eyes

casually –




into the depths

of dismissiveness

being better to

live there


living in the confines

of being equal –

playing victim

to the centrifugal force

of ignorance

that convinces the blind

that there

is no sequel –

like the properties

of a quasar

or Black Hole

relegated to the edges

of our

understanding –

those galaxies


no light escapes

through the peephole –

you see me

as you are –


a lost soul in repose.

While the tacit realization

of what is makes

the blood run cold.

Lies become


invective begetting a

false pride –

that leaves the legions


rancid and dead inside.

Copyright © 2018 ShunPwrites.com All Rights Reserved


One Reply to “Who I is?”

  1. Shun your works could be defined as word therapy, as they get down to the depth of human feelings…the rawness and uncensored realities we often edit out …as to not hurt 😢 others feelings…what about Our feelings??? Why aren’t We not allowed to grieve injustices done to Our Ancestors?
    Because it will make others feel bad or uncomfortable…How ironic is that? Know We need to remember, Great sacrifices have been made for an opportunity…👏🏾💡👏🏾💡

    Liked by 1 person

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