An ethereal conscription

Those barren landscapes

laid waste –

inhabitants speaking in

hollow inflections.


Jilted egos orbiting –

a dead star.


Going through the motions

fortified by the potion –

a notion of self worth.


Pushing back against

those vicious lies –

casting aside

misplaced allegiances –

to take on

mandates that

make the Earth shake.


Clouds on horizon

give testament –

cowardice in flight

of the chosen

turning tail to

run like Jonah.


Hiding from

the omnipotence of purpose –

guilty of placing

faith and allegiance

in the wrong places.


Swallowed whole –

fermenting in the

belly of that

which they could not



Penance in the void

redemption gifted

priorities shifted

knees on ground

beholding the power

of the weight




Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved


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