As the sun rises

On a sweltering summer day in July…

During an Annual Family Reunion.

I stood next to my Mother and I snapped this picture of my family members gathered on the land that generations of my family had walked.

Words escaped me, but my spirit was filled – knowing that the Ancients smile when their children gather.

As the sun shone

down on their

Brown skin

reflecting that
indomitable force
of the shoulders
that held them aloft

and pulled together

that which was parted –

never to be partitioned again.

In the fields of Ancestors

stood the children

of those who

refused to die.

Copyright © 2019 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “As the sun rises

  1. I really feelin’ this poem. The dedication to your ancestors—great respect. I felt your words as they conveyed such a moment. I would love to feature this on my poetry corner. I will reblog your post on my page and hopefully, others will visit you to read more of your works. Well done man.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your poetry are always so poignant, but what accentuates them are the accompanying photos you use. None is more truer than this one. Your photo selections are always on point. Nice job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you Will, I am honored to be in receipt of your kind word.

      Those people in the photo are my members of my family, from a family gathering that I was in attendance.

      I looked at the them before I snapped the picture and knew that I was going to write something about what I was seeing and this was it.

      Thanks for chiming in my brother.


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