On cracked foundations

They say.

Fuck the system –

the sycophants

her minions –

and the hordes of the feeble-minded

who collude to

drain the souls of the willing.

Eschewing the presence –

while commodifying their essence.

They say.

Fuck the system –

and the dispersal of generational curses

that testify to those

Black bodies fed to the

Leviathan of duality.

Souls crying out against –

the contradiction of

lofty words –

enveloped in

swarthy intentions

echoing with the force

of its own hypocrisy –

as it breaks the dam of fallacies.

They say.

Fuck the system –

as Jericho shouts back –

on cracked foundations

while the siren songs of the disaffected –

heed the cries of the blood –

mandates from the Ancients

and those sent home too soon.

They say.

Fuck the system –


power from

unlikely alliances –

an imposing

kaleidoscope of righteous indignation

warring ideas of

hope versus skepticism

wondering if bent knees

will give birth –

to a justice long denied.

As the gathered

wait with baited
breath –

the trumpets
to sound.

Not knowing who will fall.

Copyright © 2020 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.

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Author, Amateur Genealogist, Writer, Poet, possessor of 2 cents, blogger and eternal student of life, who harbors a firm belief in his Grandmother's mantra that: "People need to get off of their rump and do something". All while keeping in mind that a cheering section will often get in the way.