That tempestuous spirit

What if racism –

that vile and tempestuous spirit –

made the jump

from the

hearts, minds and institutional 

with a segue by way

of the esoteric 

into the physical?

Impacting the masses –

body, soul and spirit –

the omnipresent struggle

to understand the unspoken 

of Black and Brown people

in America disproportionately smote 

and the focus lost 

as Chicken Little

is the Head of State.

A ruler not inclined to humility 

never one to give alms –

or say grace.


holding the levers of power –

unconcerned with the needs of the many

 but wholly occupied

with pushing the narrative

that the sky is not falling 

and the Empire does not burn.

Copyright © 2020 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.

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