Season 3 – Episode 41 of As the Incense Burns 🔥T.A.P

Is it fair to question thoughts and prayers… when it isn’t clear who they are serving? Hey, I’m swerving, here in the literary… but, I’m a licensed poet!

But, in the wake of tragedy the one thing we are never at a loss of… is?

Thoughts and Prayers
(should I call it T.A.P?)… let’s bookmark that to revisit later good people.


We’ve been getting a lot thoughts and prayers over the years and strangely enough nothing has seemed to change.

So… what does that say… about us?

Are we merely paying lip service to our humanity?

What do we honor and what does that say about us? Grab a listen to the diction (and a reading of some new poetry) on the first episode of Season 3.

Episode 41 – Thoughts and Prayers As the Incense Burns 🔥

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