Food with a side of words…

Cooking and writing aren’t indifferent – how so you ask?


Both require a set of ingredients.

And… both mediums have the capacity to provide nourishment… the duality of it all, see what I did there?

Food when transformed whether it is baked, fried or roasted provides it for the body.


Words when transformed into sentences, stanzas and metaphors provide it for the spirit.

I’ll delve into the mutual linkages on this addition to Shun P. Writes… Dot Com and be sure to catch my #healthyrecipes feed on TikTok (I don’t dance but these healthy eats have been known to make people shake a tail feather). Trust me, I’ve been a Pescatarian for over 25 years, I’ve got stripes in the game.

I’ll provide recipe teasers, food reflections, storytelling, the creative process and my culinary concoctions as I start the clearing the path for my eventual cookbook, featuring pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan inspired dishes and excursions in to my guilty pleasures of the Farmer’s Markets of Maryland.

Food is not unlike words.

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