The politics of politics or looking out for yourself, simply put


As I watch the gridlock in Washington D.C with a healthy combination of disgust and resignation, I can’t help but to muse about what a great job it must be, to serve (or serve yourself) as a national politician.

Like a politician, I’ve been apt to run my piehole endlessly without saying anything of consequence on occasion; I have an inhuman inventory of suits, ties, shoes and other assorted dress wear; and more importantly I’ve always harbored dreams of getting a paycheck while doing next to nothing, while looking the part of doing something.
When it all comes down to it, how sweet could it be to get access to, arguably the best health care plan on the planet on the dime of the people (your constituents) who you would ultimately thumb your nose at?

Enough musing, I’m going to start shopping for a campaign manager to start writing out my campaign slogans and signs, it’s time to start campaigning for a meal ticket and the most important constituent, me!


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