Power in a whisper – An epiphany

“God doesn’t need to shout when whispering is enough” is an ongoing refrain that I’ve employed in some of my essays over the course of the past year or so.


I’m not entirely sure, but I am inclined to lean towards the simplest of explanations and attribute it to divine intervention, but that would be too much like right.

Reaching a point in my life where I was able to acquiesce to the reality of me being a coordinated mass of contradictory shortcomings didn’t come easy. Living in a fictious fog of “having it all figured out” doesn’t come with instructions of how to extract yourself from its grasp.

There is power in knowing that you are a prisoner to your shortcomings and being able to gaze upon them as their power begins to ebb is nothing short of liberating.

It is my contention that humility is the conduit to bringing our most tightly held aspirations to fruition and moving past it.

Lord knows I’ve been humbled and not humbled in the sense of nursing a bruised ego, but the beat down to the ground “I don’t care if you cry Uncle” pummeled.

Admittedly I’ve been living with a fatal defect of sorts, as I’ve consistently approached the assorted endeavors of my life with a conservative bent, not in a political sense, but opting to play it safe, versus taking off the gloves and diving in.

Accordingly I’ve paid a steep price for staying stationary in stagnation.

In the literal and historical context being conservative has never produced or been on the side of cataclysmic change, rather it has always stood in stark opposition. Snuggling up with the status quo is not the path to upward mobility.

An environment of growth and empowerment is the only venue where metamorphosis can occur.

Being conservative requires hewing tightly to the status quo, being slow and deliberate, but given that we exist under the confines of borrowed time this approach is foolhardy at best.

Caution doesn’t necessarily need to be thrown to the wind, but it does need the wind to blow through its hair on occasion.


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