Ruminations on being free…

The path towards freedom is unmarked and we are often apt miss our exit.

As I continue on my journey of understanding who I am and the shoulders that I stand on.

I’m growing in the realization I am drowning in a pool of the trivial – as this sinks in, metaphors abound.

  • What really matters?
  • What do we value?
  • What will we do to obtain that which appears to be out of our reach?

Learning to float is preferable to drowning – I want to do more than experience the novelty of merely, living.

I want to be free – the freedom that can’t be purchased.

As I sit here engrossed in thought.

A component of freedom is accepting situations, people and the circumstances than comprise them for what they are – not for what we want them to be.

I’m at peace with those who malign, harbor disappointment and otherwise have written me off – because I’m powerfully at peace and I see my paths with a clarity that eluded me in the past.


I’m free.

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