Protected: That call when I was lost

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4 thoughts on “Protected: That call when I was lost

  1. I really need to do some digging into my family’s history. I know that I would learn a lot. Did you do it with or the original way of asking family members to reach back and tell the stories of their ancestors. I’m going to try to do both. But as you said, work tends to get in the way of the things that truly matter.

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    1. I used a combination of both, I was often the recipient of hearing oral history about my family growing up that much of it became second nature. Having a lot of the Elders in my family still alive well into their 90’s was a boon to my efforts as well. Ancestry is a great tool because you’ll eventually run into family unbeknownst to you that are doing the same and combining resources will take you even further.

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