What do you do?

When that whisper echoes in the wilderness of our existence.

When you are touched by providential inclinations.

Do you pause and engage in a fiery debate on the theology?

Or – do you bask in the glory of that which was lost to you up to that moment?

When that sweet savor of being unburdened, feeling victorious is intoxicating.

What do you do?

I always wrestled mightily with what I knew, until one day.

I found myself so weary that my intellect receded into the foreground.

And I realized that I was being misled by a wholesale recalcitrance of my wisdom.

It forsook me, leaving me stranded, emaciated and left for dead.

I wandered aimlessly.

Tears came easily.

Ironically, it was those tears which flowed freely that served as a baptism of sorts.

So when you attack that which has been redemptive for someone.

Are you saying that their experience.

That epiphany.

That struggle that led them to the waters of clarity –

of their revelation.

Was wrong?

Do you dismiss it as a figment of their imagination or do you respect their humanity and marvel at the resilience of their existence?

What do you do?

Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


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