Losing our humanity

There is a sobering narrative that I’ve born witness to over the years, one that I’ve struggled to put into words in lieu of its gargantuan proportions.

It is a weary game of oscillation.

A colossal tug o’ war between harboring faith in humanity – and dashing the tattered remnants of that faith against the rocks.

This supposition of superiority between where we reside in respect to others on the spectrum of what we believe to be true… 

Is foolhardy at best and an impediment to the recognition of our shared commodity of humanity.

Our humanity…

Which seems to be spinning into a certain extinction that we are powerless or unconcerned with abating.

Can we find our bearings and get back on the trail or are we doomed to wander?

Copyright © 2017 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


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