Drowning the ghosts

I search out the water, in hopes that I can drown the ghosts of the past.


Wishing that my past incarnations – namely the spirits of haughtiness and recalcitrance that impeded my path and retarded my growth…

Wishing – that they had met their end sooner than they did.

But, if they did…

Would I have the path?

The reflections, humility and lessons that I routinely saunter back into the confines of – at my disposal?

Knowing that this trail is ongoing – and that the burdens will still belabor me, but being able to press on with a head held high.

Is a segue to empowerment.

Because these walks are a segue to a taste of grace, that small piece that is my search for God’s face.

Copyright © 2017 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


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