On their knees – A narrative

The very thing that we take for granted, living… Is an act of protest, yet we choose ignorance instead of acknowledging the gravity of our actions.

Protest isn’t about making those who aren’t impacted by the leviathan of someone elses struggle, comfortable.

Pushing back is a survival strategy more often than not.

Those who are in an omnipresent war against the relegation of their personhood to the cramped confines of the exotic.

Are weary, battered and bruised – they harbor a tacit acknowledgement that there is a separate set of rules, an alternate reality that they must reside in.

Numb to the realities of what is – rather than what should be.

They smile, while the tempest rages inside.

They are presented with the uncertain.

Giving up or pressing ahead.

Leaning to the inadequacies that are the confines of their own understanding.


Harkening to the inexhaustible bounty of the ethereal.

The weight of this realization causes the knees of the most hardened warrior to buckle.

They steady themselves, rise to the feet and continue on, determined to reaffirm their worth by gathering the scattered components of their humanity and reconfiguring it into something redemptive.

This cathartic act doesn’t lend itself to consultation with those, who through not fault of their own – cannot identify or empathize with this unenviable conundrum.

You can’t tell someone to get over it, if you’ve never been through it.

Taking a knee…

Whether it be literally, figuratively, physically, emotionally or spiritually – is a conduit to orienting ourselves to God’s face.

Grace allows the willing, the worthy…

To meet their brethren where they ARE not where THEY want them to BE.

It is at the confluence of these waters of conflict – where the journey can begin to end.

Copyright © 2017 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


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