Confiding in loneliness

I categorize my long walks as a omnipresent search for God’s face.

A multitude of thoughts often cross my mind.

As I stand on paths, I reflect, sometimes with my eyes open, sometimes with my eyes closed.

I lived in a puzzled state for what seemed to be an eternity, before what I assumed to be sturdy foundations revealed themselves to be an illusion.

The weight of those unsustainable contradictions, proved to be insurmountable.

Opening my eyes to the puzzle that had alluded me up to that point – myself.

Realizing that it is easier to point fingers outward versus inward.

Endeavoring to be alone, while understanding that being alone isn’t the cousin of loneliness, but instead it is a necessary step in the search for God’s face.

As the baptismal waters of solace serve as a teacher and a confidant.


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