When we fight for likes


Those folks.

Ain’t me.

I’m in my own lane…”

Is easier than saying me or us.

Our fingers could convict, but cowardice frees us of the responsibility.

Anger without nuance.

Agitation without contrast.

Words without deeds.

Historical reference without humility –

is either people being dumb or choosing to be willingly complicit in the shallow waters of their own ignorance.

We ain’t woke.

We’re hoping that we can cope with our own contradictions by employing the cruel art of distraction – shouting loudly and yelling fire in the theater.

There isn’t any judgment that needs to be passed, but just a humble observation.

We must quiet our own spirits and claim victories in those silent battles that rage within, before we try to shake down the temple.

Case in point.

Samson had to be humbled before he was able to do the same.

After his haughtiness caused him

to lose

grace, freedom and sight.

He was forced to marinate in his sorrows.

And in the midst of it.

He had an epiphany.

He accepted his weakness – and instead of running from it, he ran into it.

He reclaimed the strength that he lost and in the act of redemption he died with those who maligned him.



Is not an endeavor for the selfish or the self centered.

And in the age of social media – we are guilty as charged.

We’re not dying for our convictions.

But instead we die, we sacrifice for…


We ain’t ready.

Copyright © 2018 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved



  1. Jen Turner says:

    Wow, we are not woke, and we are surely not ready to handle all of this truth! Its too hard, too complicated, too, too much work to look at me and not you!! To fix me….WHAT?? WHY?? Its much easier to complain about Trump and how all our problems began and end there. Stay woke?? Have we ever woke up?? Keep writing, I love reading it!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s my point! Thanks for chiming in Jen!


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