Our love frequencies

What are we doing?

Are we hostages on our journey or are we something greater?

Are we pilots?

Are we navigators?

Are we wandering aimlessly?

Are we living life or is life living us?

Learning to hug ourselves is preferable to running the risk of reaching out – only to be sucker punched with disaffection.

Our survival strategy should be a priority, but for many of us it is an afterthought at best.

And love is an essential ingredient in that strategy.

Love is a more than a word or a cornucopia of emotions.

Love often overflows its borders – as it is a frequency that requires recalibration on an ongoing basis.

In a world where you can be maligned for what you know and pushed to the margins of inconsequence because of it.


Fact is fiction.

Hate is love.

Complacency is passion.

Putting our self-perseverance front and center will help us to avoid that which could overwhelm us.

A failure to harness love can blind, maim or drive one insane.

I’ve had to learn, begrudgingly.

That evolution demands that we love people for who they ARE not for who we WANT or need them to be.

Promoting the people in our orbit to a position that they are sorely unworthy of – gives them license to tear down the foundational elements of you.

To be defatifable is realistic, but we MUST put in the requisite labor.

Protect your heart.

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