Protecting your heart – Part II

Leaving people where they are shouldn’t be interpreted as abandonment.

In fact, it should be acknowledged for what it is…

An act of love.

But love is sometimes unrequited.

Pledging fealty to ourselves is often a path that we neglect to embark on – with our naivete convincing us that we can always come back to ourselves.


We exist on borrowed time with a guarantee of no guarantees.

One of the most important survival strategies for protecting our heart – is reaching an understanding that measuring others by standards that WE hold for them is:

Emotionally, spiritually and intellectually dishonest.

Becoming a victim to this can breed a resentment that can engulf the unwilling.

Consider the choreography of the planets orbiting the sun.

They move in concert, never intruding on the paths of the other celestial bodies.

The Earth doesn’t convince the other planets to share its orbit.


Because the result would be cataclysmic.

The same logic applies to people in many respects.

Rotate on your own axis, in your own orbit around the sun (your truth) so that you can support your life.

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