On your Birthday – A letter to my son


On your birthday, I am always reminded of the sage wisdom of your Grandfather, who made a beeline to the hospital on the day of your birth to commune with me.

Fatherhood was a surreal feeling that I was unable to quantify with words and I think he sensed the gravity of the moment as he presciently told me:

“It isn’t about you anymore, it is about him.”

This winding trail of Fatherhood has been the honor of my life.

Bearing witness to you being better that the contradictions that I tried to lie bare to serve as bonfires to avoid on your journey has been nothing short of humbling.

It is said that we choose our parents prior to our entering this world – if this is indeed the case, I thank you for the redemption that you have afforded me in being your Father.

As your feet are firmly set on the foundation of adulthood, I encourage to keep the mandate that you have been given “to make the Earth shake” and to NEVER allow your knees to bend unless you are giving alms to the Almighty.

My pride in you will never dim – in this world or beyond.



P.S… Go get em’ son the Ancestors got those hands on you!

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