When I chose allegiance to myself …

From the vocal cords of Yours Truly.

From the vocal cords of Yours Truly.

A reading from the book.

From the Water’s Edge: A collection of poetry written while wandering Volume I.

A poem entitled “False Allegiances”.

The origins of this piece?

I wrote this after overhearing a conversation from a couple complaining about the disenchantment in their respective workplaces and how their co-workers loved the organization, seemingly more than they loved themselves.

And I remembered that I used to be one of those people…

Who defined himself – by what he did, by his job title, I foolishly extracted my identity from the workplace until I was reminded that there is no loyalty in the corporate confines.

It was a needed wake up call – as it allowed me to pivot toward securing purpose from something greater than a faceless entity that didn’t have the ability or wherewithal to love me back.

I discovered that…

When we lie to ourselves.
When we betray ourselves.

We often get swallowed up by life – but not all of us will be spat out with a chance for redemption.

Fortunately, I was I granted a do over.

Perhaps my musings will resonate with you, but there is only one way to find out.

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