Can we evolve?

Can we evolve in an environment of sycophantic leanings?

To put it plainly.

If everyone loves us – if we can do no wrong.

If we are UNABLE to weather the volleys of dissent – to speak in defense of what we know to be true about our respective epiphanies.

If we are UNABLE to defend – if we are unable to spar, those muscles that we need for our battles will atrophy.

Can we truly commit to evolving into better versions of ourselves – if we are chasing the monolith – refusing to accept the truth of it being a cruel illusion?

Does metal sharpen metal?

Or as my fellow Chicagoan, rapper/actor/activist, Common succinctly stated on the track “The 6th Sense” from the classic 2000 album “Like Water for Chocolate“.

“… If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. It don’t mean that I’m hating…”

If we are unable to field criticism constructively – do we damn ourselves to stationary complacency?

Do we stifle our evolution at the expense of our ego?

Or put more bluntly- does it even matter anymore?

I’m curious to know your thoughts, what do you think?

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