Whenever – those Birthday ruminations for the Lighthouse

Whenever I was broken.

Whenever the storms threatened.

When silence is damning.

Whenever a reminder of the essential goodness of humanity was needed.

When that Torch had to be passed.

My Auntie was always on the case.

That lighthouse in a ugly world.

My Auntie has stood as one of my lighthouses – steering me from the obstacles that threatened. She… is one of the best people I will ever meet.

Whenever I’ve stood at the crossroads – I would often think:

“Shit… What would Auntie say?”
“Would this make her proud?


“She’s gonna dropkick me in the larynx.”

Like so many before her.

She stood as this indefatigable
source of selflessness.

Like my Grandma – the one who told me.

To be a writer…

My Auntie.

Throughout my life.

Taught me about honor of the deepest sort – like the manifestation of so many before her.

I reflect the light of those who inspire me.

This is why search for the Glorious Ones.

Happy Birthday, I love you Auntie!

I reflect your light.


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