Happy Birthday Momma – Reflections on your magic

I learned magic, science and unlocked the keys to the Universe through you.

You taught me that love is the path that must be tread for immortality.

I would give all that I have for you, because you’ve done it for so many others.





I thank God for you on a daily basis. Your heroism and the unconditional love that you give echoes loudly. It is why I exist – each breath that I take humbles me, knowing there is no me without you.

It is why I continue to evolve – to be greater, to be more like a person that this world sorely needs right now.


So, on your birthday, I sing your praises Momma. I shout them loudly and I send them around the world – so in the event that I inspire a soul… that they will know the source of my inspiration, as I reflect your light.

Happy Birthday Momma. I love you.

Happiest Birthday Momma… You stay out of trouble, you hear?!

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