The pull

Many are surprised
when they hear
that I am
not a
water sign –

after all
I do procure
my words
from the
aqueous confines –
near the edge

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I represent an Earth sign.

Touching the ground… where the Ancients walked.

And… long ago.

I was told
by an Elder that…
the pull
to the water
were just cries
of the Ancients…
my folk

clamoring that
their stories
be told… they said:

“… They saw you
and they knew
that is why
they spoke
to your soul –
wen you was
young, because
you listen
from here (pointing at heart)
that’s why
you ain’t
never broken
or folded –
you the courier
the messenger
you a writer
ain’t you?

(shook my head)

“Yeah… you got them
hands on you.”

I didn’t understand
at the time.

Now, I realize

I merely reflect
the light
the sacrifice
of the
Elders and Ancients

Ancestor Whisperer
I be –
but there
is a contingent
of those like
me – tasked to
tell the stories
of the Glorious Ones.

Our steps are guided.

Copyright © 2020 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.


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