Finding the Glorious Ones – Taking poetic license

I took the notion of Family being akin to poetry and expanded on it.

I used my journalism skill sets and the oral histories from my Elders to map segments of my maternal and paternal sides of my family back nearly 200 years and counting.

During the course of my research, I wrestled against a backdrop of loss, vitriol and disaffection… until I came front and center with a gift.

It was in the ashes of placing my faith in the wrong places.

I had been staring at it all along... this gift.

It was the understanding of why the Elders believed so firmly in the concept of our family – and in the process of finding my folk, I found myself.

My 3rd Great Aunt Malinda Carter-Austin and cousin Frederick Douglas Carter made their way to Chicago in the 1880’s, preceding other known branches of my family by over 40 years.
My Bigmama and my Uncle told me on this day… “Our folk gon’ need what we got to give you!”
Snapshots of the Glorious Ones (Hey Auntie!) my Aunt Malinda and cousins… (circa 1903)

When I found my folk… I found myself.

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