Getting up… or when I wrote the first book

Origin story
on my first book?

Well… I never intended
to write it.

Photos from
the scene
of the creation.

I fell to one knee
head spinning
heart racing
it was visibly
beating through
my shirt.

A self fulfilling

My Father had
left this Earth
and I was
going to die
from a broken

But the biting cold
left for a instant
and I was warmed –
like a summer day.

And I felt the spirit
my old man…
compelling me
to my feet –
I heard him clearly:

“Naw Youngblood
get up
you got work
to do son…
get up, run.

He always alluded to this…

And I did as
I was told..
rising to my

I began to run
and I didn’t stop
until I reached
the waters edge.

I heard
my Daddy say:

“Give em’
those words son!”

And I said okay.

This book
was slated to
come out in the
September of 2019


Instead the publishing date
was what would have
been my Pops 70th

His last words to me?

“I’ll give you a poke on the other side
– to let you know I’m okay son.”

I laughed as I remembered…

Point taken Daddy –
I reflect your light.

End of origin story… signed copies available.

Copyright © 2021 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.


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