Refusing to grimace

I saw this glass
in a thrift store.

It took me back
early 1980’s.

A true story
with a twist.

My nemesis
from younger days –

the Teacher
who opined
that Black Boys
just hoodlums
in training

at best
and that I
could NEVER
be a newspaper

She bore an eerie
resemblance to
Grimace of the

When I saw this
glass I thought
of her.

She even had
a purple dress
that brought
the look home.

I often remember
trying to reconcile
her attempts to
minimize my
self worth
while being
shaped like a
bullet with

Joke was on her
then and especially

That Black Boy became
a man would
who would wield
a pen and a
long memory.

She tried to make me grimace –
but wholly failed to diminish
not knowing that I was heralded
from knees that would
refuse to bend.

Copyright © 2021 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.


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