Be realistic

Years ago
Someone told me…

And… I became their doubts.

“Shun… you need to be realistic, nobody is going read a f____g book about poetry, who is gonna read that s___?
Good luck getting that published,” while smirking heavily.

Me in 2019…

holding a book –
(while cheesing)
that I published – the first in a series.

It was surreal to be standing on the side
of the Katsura river in

Where I have
a modest
readership of
my blog.

Now that person
who told me…

“be realistic”

I’ve searched
high and low
and I can’t
find them, nowhere.

I just want
to know –
was it something
I said?

“Let me know, okay?”


Use the words of your detractors as your fuel to make them the fool.”

That’s a unlimited fuel source…. by the way.

Grab a copy or two or a few for your Book Club crew!

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