The Food and Prose Passport – behind the scenes

If you are ready to drop it down low… in the kitchen spaces (hey now) this a respectable blog… I’m an writer damnit, I don’t twerk, I put in work in kitchen spaces.

Meat free eats that are certain to get repeats.

Subscribe and get access to poetic incantations of the culinary kind.

Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan fusions that’ll give taste buds contusions.

If you are of the belief that food and poetry live in different neighborhoods… different frequencies… you’ll find that food and poetry aren’t dissimilar.

In poetry you are nourishing the soul and with food… you are nourishing the body.

On this section of my e-Real Estate we’ll explore the concept…. Food as poetry.

And I’m honored to have you.

That said is… Anyone hungry?

Salmon Croquettes floating in a sea of Tumeric Infused Grits with SP Saltwater Potatoes and seared Spinach.

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