Reflections or Author Notes on Episode 14

As I think out loud in this episode of “As the Incense Burns”… I question whether humanity truly has the capacity for good – only to answer my own question.

The omnipresent battle of man’s inhumanity towards man… and the lies that we tell ourselves – is truly a prison without bars.

Take a listen and maybe a follow, if I’m not too shallow?

Episode 44 – They say love, but have no grace As the Incense Burns 🔥

On Episode 44, I take on the notions of love without grace, namely the phenomenon of those… who say they love Jesus, while hating everyone that he said to love. My goal? Is to understand… just who are they… serving? Grab a seat and take a listen or let's hash it out on a walk. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Episode 44 – They say love, but have no grace
  2. Episode 43 – From the Fiction Suite: Church and Ellen's Trail
  3. Episode 42 – Are you cheering for the crew of you?
  4. Episode 41 – Thoughts and Prayers
  5. Episode 40 – The poetry of living… are you for you? You are due, yes you.

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