Reflections or Author Notes on Episode 14

As I think out loud in this episode of “As the Incense Burns”… I question whether humanity truly has the capacity for good – only to answer my own question.

The omnipresent battle of man’s inhumanity towards man… and the lies that we tell ourselves – is truly a prison without bars.

Take a listen and maybe a follow, if I’m not too shallow?

Episode 33 – The crumbling of our humanity? As the Incense Burns 🔥

On this episode I touch on the crumbling of our humanity or the traumas of the pandemic. As I read from some recent work; join me as I wonder aloud if narcisscism is our default setting; the battles or the hard work of choosing ourselves and the notions of serving something greater than ourselves which leads into a lesson or some storytelling gifted to me by way of my Family. P.S….  Make sure to respond to the poll and let me know how you be! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Episode 33 – The crumbling of our humanity?
  2. Episode 32 – That search for what is really going on?
  3. Episode 31: Those echoes of Juneteeth and letters to the Ancients
  4. Epiosde 30 – Food, family and the poetry of how history repeats
  5. Head in clouds or thoughts on and about in a world gone… madder.

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