Food as a segue to Genealogy

“If they don’t stack
it ain’t a Searcie
Lord have mercy!”

This phrase has been repeated with regularity.”

My maternal Grandparents (the Searcies)
are the inspiration
behind the exclamation
attributed to
a bite of
Salmon Croquettes.

(Photo inset)

Croquettes stacked in regimental fashion
prior to immersion
in Garlic, Ginger and Tumeric infused
Grits or as a complement to other dishes.

In my role
as a genealogist
I use food
as a medium
to bridge history
via the narrative –
in this instance, recreating my Paw-Paw’s Croquette recipe from taste memory.

These Croquettes make em’ dance… they are a feeling I’m told, causing hunger to fold as these stacks don’t hang out long enough to get cold.

Wait… did I just make a poem?

Food like life… is poetry, we must learn to savor the journey, every bite of it.

Copyright © 2021 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.


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