Walking in the footsteps

Since becoming a genealogist – finding my family members in the historic record is commonplace, seldom am I surprised at my findings.

Me and son… on historic grounds.

In 2021, my son and I made a jaunt to a Civil War site of historic note as we walked the grounds of the Petersburg National Battlefield a short distance away from City Point, Virginia where our Ancestor, my 4th Great Grandfather, Peter Branch, was stationed as a solider in the 37th Regiment of the U.S. Colored Infantry.

My Grandpa Branch was one of those over 209,000 souls who turned the tide of the conflict. After the war he laid the foundation that would allow our family to persevere and combine resources with others in a small Northeast Alabama town that is one the seats of family history.

His name is listed on the African-American Civil War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

As I stood at the base of the monument.

He lived until he was 100 years old, starting a tradition of long life spans and military service in my family. Interestingly enough many of my family members routinely make it to the century mark or late 90’s with flair, proving that history does indeed repeat, especially in families.

Hat tip to my Grandpa Branch.


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